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I've created this membership for independent artist and producers to take their careers to the next level. In this membership you will get weekly free beats, free drumkits, the ability to listen to and lease my beats months before the public, a chance to win exclusive prizes, a behind the scenes look at how I make beats, access to my secret instruments, insights into my mixing and mastering process, and much more!

What Vocal Artist Will Get

  • Download 16 Free Beats Immediately Upon Joining (Paperwork Included So You Can Make Money From Your Songs).

  • Download Every 60 Second Beat Lbeats Posts on Social Media After You Become a Member (The longer you wait, the more beats you'll miss).

  • Receive 4 New Free Beats Every Week (Build up your beat collection for your recording sessions!).

  • Listen To & Lease Beats Months Before The Public Ever Hears Them

  • Over 1,500 Beats For You To Listen To And Lease From

  • Enjoy 40% Off All Beat Leases on (Get 70% Off Beat Leases after remaining a member for 6 months).

  • Access Beat Packs Priced at $97, Including Diamond Lease Contracts Valued at ($1,800 - $6,000).

  • Learn How the Music Industry Operates for Both Signed and Independent Artists.

  • Access Courses Teaching Effective Music Marketing and Creating Better Promotional Videos.

  • Learn Strategies to Grow Your Fanbase.

  • Automatically Enter Monthly Giveaways.

  • Join the Mastermind Group to Connect with Other Producers and Rappers, Expanding Your Beat Options and Networking Opportunities.

What Producers Will Get

  • Learn How To Make Beats From Lbeats

  • Receive a new drum kit every month.

  • Watch Lbeats create every beat live.

  • Collaborate on beats that could potentially be sent out for placements.

  • Learn how to sell and market your beats effectively.

  • Discover the strategies used by Lbeats for placements.

  • Learn The Strategies That Lbeats Uses For Placements

  • Enhance your video-making skills to improve beat sales.

  • Understand the payment process after securing placements.

  • Automatic entry into monthly giveaways.

  • Receive critiques and assistance for your beats.

  • Join the Mastermind Group to connect with other producers and rappers, facilitating beat sales and networking."


Some Of Lbeats Biggest Placements

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