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Mp3 Non Exclusive
Per 3,000 Units
Mp3, Untagged
Sell up to 3,000 units
use for itunes/mixtape/streaming/etc maintains full ownership of the instrumental
Must Credit 'Prod. By'
Wave Non Exclusive
Per 5,000 Units
Master WAV file, Untagged
Sell up to 5,000 units
use for itunes/mixtape/streaming/etc maintains full ownership of the instrumental
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use for intunes/mixtape/streaming/etc maintains full ownership of the instrumental
Must credit 'Prod. By'
Exclusive Rights
Sell Unlimited units
Wav Trackouts, Untagged
Sell unlimited Units
Beat Will Not Be Sold To Anyone Else
Use For UNLIMITED for-profit projects still maintains ownership of the instrumental

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Beats For Sale Is a site for you to buy beats online to use for your album, mixtape, youtube videos, commercials,itunes etc. If you are chasing your dreams to become a star then I want to chase them with you. Lets work together and make it happen together.

V.I.P Membership

The V.i.P Membership Is the best deal that I feel like I have on the site.  I understand that in todays world people need more content than they use too.  And because of this we need to put out more music than we use to have to. And that can become very expensive. So that is why I came up with the V.I.P. membership.  I wanted to make it to where You could at least put out one good song a week for your fans and it wouldn’t break your bank. New instrumentals will be added every week also.

Instrumental Instant Download After Purchase

Once you purchase a beat off Lbeats it will automatically be sent to the email address you used when purchasing it. So there will be no waiting around.  Your will have your beats instantly.

Rap Beats To Help You Sound Professional

There are A lot of good producers out here on the internet now.  But One thing that I notice Is that is mostly all of their beats sound the same. If you want to blend in with the rest of the crowd then thats fine.  But if you want to stand out and be a trendsetter, then you need something unique and different then everybody else.

Free Beats

If the V.I.P membership still does not make the beats cheap and affordable enough for you, then I do have the free beats to help you.  If you can not afford any of the rap beats for sale because you are short on cash then you can get some of our Free Beats for this same purpose. The Free Beats are still just as good as the other rap beats for sale.

Exclusive Beats

I have already talked about exclusive beats up above.  But I call them Unlimited us because I will still own the rights to the beat.  I think the song Panda Is a good enough reason to help you understand why I do this. If you end up blowing up off of the beat then we can start talking real exclusive rights.

Beat Categories

I try to provide you with as many beat categories as I can.  My beat styles range from, Dirty south Beats, Anthem Beats, Trap Beats, hip hop Beats, Club Beats, New age Beats, Underground Beats, Unique Beats, Pop Beats, R&b Beats, Original Beats, Gangsta Beats,

Rap To Beats And Record A Verse Online Using Cellphone Or Microphone

I have put a section on here where you can record your verse to the hiphop beats on my website using a microphone on your computer or a cellphone thats android or apple. Rap To Beats
on Lbeats with your voice instead of typing your raps in the comment section.  Its one thing to read the lyrics from a rapper but its another thing when we hear the voice of the lyricist.  So rap to my beats and let us hear what you got. More info on how to do this can be found here.

My Blog

If you are just really really stupid bored and want to read check out My Blog

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